About Ching Fa

In 1948, Ching Fa Fishing Implements Factory Co., Ltd. was founded in Donggang Township, Pingtung County. The production in early stage of this company was focused on cotton yarn under the brand, Rose. For Chen brothers had the background of fishermen, they have been quite acquainted with fishing equipments. Therefore, they initiated technical cooperation with famous netting enterprises in Japan.

By importing netting machines from Japan to manufacture cage nets, American tuna purse seine nets, single-knotted nets, double-knotted nets, knotless nets, fishing lines and various kinds of nets and lines, Ching Fa has become the most long-standing private-branded manufacturer and developer in Taiwan’s netting industry.

To enhance the competiveness of this company, products have been continuously researched and innovated to suffice the demands of markets. With well constructed and customized service, Ching Fa has laid superior foundation in its growth. In recent years, along with retailing stores being organized throughout the whole world, the scale of its business has been expanding nonstop Furthermore, in response to increasing demands from markets, factories in Vietnam were invested and established in 1994 to extend and improve product lines.


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