The pelagic fishery can be divided into: American tuna purse seine nets, nylon monofilament long line.

Description of the American tuna purse seine nets: Between 1984 and 1993, we worked with CASAMAR and brought in overseas expertise.

We were able to integrate the advantages of American and Japanese nets and came up with innovative American tuna purse seine nets, which were ideal for more than one thousand tons, domestic fishing ships.

Nylon monofilament longline ˇV The nylon monofilament l longlineˇ¦s components are simple. It is composed of main line, branch line, buoy line, float, buoy and hook.

The main line is woven with braided monofilaments. The branch line is also made of single monofilament, which is flexible, resistible and strong, and can withstand low temperature.